SurForce offers new-user training in all aspects of the SFA
through a training program called SFA Boot Camp.

Ideal for:

  • One-on-one or small groups
  • Training in new-attachments
  • General SFA refresh training for existing or previous SFA users
  • Fully customized training programs.

The primary goals of the training:

  • Support situations where there is an SFA user continuity gap
  • Maximize SFA training efficiency by handling basic training off-site, thereby not impacting busy SFA labs with initial user training

In the SFA Boot Camp, a new user is brought through all aspects of SFA use, including:

  • Complete ‘empty-table’ setup
  • Mica handling
  • Surface preparation
  • FECO data-acquisition and data-reduction

Training is modeled after a ‘practicals’ approach cycling between demonstration and drill practice. Upon completion, all the necessary SFA basic training will have been learned with the new user ready for productive SFA experimentation. This service can also be added to instrument quotes so that new-adopters can get training costs included up front.

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