Surface Forces Training SFASurForce offers training on all aspects of the SFA through a training program called SFA Boot Camp


Ideal for:

  • One-on-one or small groups
  • Training in new-attachments
  • Fully customized training programs

The primary goals of the training:

  • Support situations where there is an SFA-user continuity gap
  • Maximize SFA training efficiency by handling basic training off-site, thereby not impacting busy SFA labs with initial user training

A new user is brought through all aspects of SFA use, including:

  • Complete ‘empty-table’ setup
  • Mica handling
  • Surface preparation
  • FECO data-acquisition and data-reduction

How it works:

  • Training is modeled after a ‘practicals’ approach cycling between demonstration and drill practice.
  • Upon completion, all the necessary SFA basic training will have been learned with the new user ready for productive SFA experimentation.
  • This service can can be added to instrument quotes also, so new-adopters can get training costs included up front.

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I have benefited a lot from the one-month-training program, not only have I made significant progress on SFA fundamentals, but also have learned a lot about how to think and solve problems. Now I can capture normal force runs and process the data. I was very surprised when I got the training certificate!  Thanks SurForce!

Tianyi Han, Tsinghua University, Department of Mechanical Engineering