Spectrometer and sCMOS Camera Option

500I Spectrometer
Single manual input slit port,
Double CCD exit ports with C-Mount camera interface,
Diffraction Grating Turret with 3 gratings ​

ANDOR Learning-Academy SFA white paper

ANDOR- Zyla 5.5 Camera
sCMOS with USB 3
30 fps full-frame readout,
80 fps 1920×1080 windowed-frame readout,
100fps full-frame readout also available; Zyla 4.2, Zyla 5.5 10-tap with Camera-link ​

PC Workstation
Dell T7910 tower (Windows 7, 6fb)
500GB erial TA (7,200 RPM)
1 TB- 4x SSD RAID (> 850 MB/s)
Andor SOLIS (spectrometer and camera control software with still & video capture)

​ANDOR provides a number of data conversion tools (.SIF to .TIF) for LabView, MatLab, ImageJ and a C++SDK available from andor.com/downloads (search for “SIF Viewer”).

Complete SFA Systems Optics Option

Newport Q-QTH White-Light Source
100W Output, Tungsten-Halogen lamp
140 W Power Supply

UVP Mercury (Hg) Reference Lamp
Dedicated power supply
Lamp shroud

NB: Hg lines [nm]: 546.075, 576.959 and 579.065 ​

SFA Optical Path Elements
Hot-mirror, Condensing lens, Aperture, Calibration reticle,
​Optical breadboard (12 IN x 12 IN), SFA stand adapter plate with micrometers (manual)
Dove Prism in kinematic mount, Polarizer in rotation mount, Hg reference beam-splitter
​Spectrometer stand (12 IN x 24 IN Optical Breadboard at 10.25 IN height)
​NB: Magnetic bases on all stand-alone elements